About John

I am known as the “black sheep” of our family.

I did not follow successful business connections that were available to me in my original hometown of northeast NJ at the door step of Manhattan. In fact, I made a conscious decision to not just walk away; I hopped on a one way train to the Pacific Northwest and never looked back.

Truth be told, I have looked back, but I never moved back! My life has been like a Robert Frost poem with two forked roads. I seem to choose the path less traveled. Thus, it makes me a “black sheep.”

I might hold the record for number of jobs! That is both good and bad. While I love people in general, it has led me to jobs in sales. And while I love learning and am inquisitive, it has steered me down the education path. I have never been rich.

Currently I am both a subsitute teacher and job coach for handicapped and disabled adults, with some odd jobs on the side. I root for the “underdogs” of this world.

A sampling of my past and current jobs include: washing dishes, being a busboy, waiter, college newspaper ad rep, hotel banquet set-up in college, mowing and weeding lawns and gardens, small-scale landscaping, delivering newspapers, driver, valet parker, serving a tour in the U.S. Navy, freelance writer, ad rep for weekly newspapers, educational sales, vacuum & air purifier sales, janitor of a church, retail sales, tutor, cat sitter and dog walker among some others I missed.

I enjoy volunteering in our community animal shelters, visitor welcome centers, and historical society organizations, as well as serving in my Christian church.


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