From the Cascade Foothills – a flicker of light

Hello readers:
I come to you from a small town nestled in the Cascade foothills above buried coal mines. Recent bears have been seen by my dog as well as me. Small cubs too. Nearly our whole town is rooting for the bears to eat up before hybernating, which according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife should be in late November to early December. They have been eating apples, since black berries were less fruitful this year.

I urge you to take notice of nature and color around you, for it provides a pleasant, peaceful setting to reflect and collect your thoughts. And let’s face it, we are living in a world where there is an artificial humming noise coming at us from all directions. In fact, we are bombarded with noise and electricity that can shock our senses.

So how do we reduce this constant stream of clutter? We make time to step aside and be still. Sometimes it might mean devoting your lunch time at work to eating a sandwich by yourself under a bench by a tree of any size or color. Maybe you can drive a short distance to hear the sound of a river, stream or creek. Perhaps there is a field near you where birds congregate.

Last week I had trouble sleeping ( My heart is heavy from worrying about my mother slipping away from her late stage cancer. She can hardly talk or eat and is 3,000 miles away from me. I keep tossing and turning and wondering what I missed out on saying or asking my mother….) and before I knew it the clock by my bedside table said 4:05 AM.

It was an exceptionally clear night so I asked my American-Staffordshire-cattle dog mix dog to join me gazing up at a brilliant sky lit up with stars, including the Small and Big Dippers and of course the North Star! All was quiet and I walked back into the house feeling relaxed, as if all was well and the God of our universe was in charge afterall. You see, I am a person who worries a lot. I see the “good the bad and the ugly” of our world. Amidst the chaos I look for seeds with the potential to produce a harvest….

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One Response to From the Cascade Foothills – a flicker of light

  1. What a great post, John. I especially love how you boiled this down to the one point that I believe, that God is handling everything. No matter what. I hope you have many beautiful memories of your mother and that your days under the stars keep you connecting with all things truly important in life. Blessings, Susan.

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